Why Your Marketing Strategy Needs an Advanced Content Planner

Relevant, interesting content doesn’t grow on trees. To get noticed in today’s marketplace, you need a robust and easy-to-use content planner that helps you quickly identify and develop the right content for your brand’s audiences and customers.

Better Marketing with Content Planner Technology

Content drives your brand’s marketing strategy. It’s also about creating smarter content—the kind of content you can only achieve with a content planner that captures insights from the social web.

  1. Know Your Audience. Leading content planning solutions use real-time social data to educate about your brand’s most important audiences. The more information you have about your audiences, the easier it is to create relevant, results-oriented content.
  2. Develop Deeper Insights. Simple brand impressions and counting likes aren’t enough. With the right planning solution, you can stay ahead of the competition by understanding the nuanced perspectives of vertical audiences and granular audience segments.
  3. Identify Influencers. The identification of key influencers and advocates amplifies the reach and impact of your brand content.
  4. Create Richer Content. The best content planners the context that enables your brand to develop engaging content that connects with target audiences.

Key Features of Leading Content Planner Solutions

Networked Insights equips your brand with robust, insight-based content planning technology. Key features of Kairos’ Content Planner solution, include:

  • Data-based Insights: Get a deeper look at your audiences with consumer conversations across social classified 15,000 different ways for a better view of interests, behaviors and preferences.
  • Nuanced Perspectives: Achieve a more nuanced and detailed perspective about the opinions and preferences of vertical communities and audience segments.
  • Influencer Identification: Locate and evaluate media influencers and celebrity spokespersons who are a good match with your campaigns and content.
  • Marketing Context: Uncover rich, contextual insights that help you create content that resonates with your customers on a deeper level.

Networked Insights Content Planner

Your brand’s marketing strategy is too important to leave to chance. Flying blind isn’t an option. You need technology that can rapidly convert social insights into high-impact content.

From fast-paced social content to long-form content for verticals and theme-based content for marketing campaigns—Networked Insights Content Planner solution helps you leverage social data for more engaging content.

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