Which Super Bowl ads got the most emotional reactions?

Brands pump millions into their Super Bowl ads to get a reaction from consumers, so Networked Insights analyzed just what kinds of reactions they got last night. From trust and love to offense and hate, reaction ran the spectrum and by measuring changes in consumers’ emotional reactions to brands after the TV spots ran, Networked Insights is able to identify the specific touchpoints in their messaging that worked.

So, who came out on top? Turns out that a brand that didn’t even run a TV spot and normally is seldom-talked-about, captured the most positive emotional lift. Esurance thrust its way into the consumer consciousness — at least for now — with its retweet-to-win contest.

Download this morning’s Emotional Scorecard for more analysis and check back for full coverage including a breakdown of which celebs and stars, who were featured during the Super Bowl, made the best connection with their audience.