What You Need to Know About Marketing to Millennials

Millennials have more buying power than ever before. But marketing to millennials requires brands to part ways with generic marketing methods and adopt a more specific approach.

Tips for Marketing to Millennials

It’s no secret that millennials spend a large percentage of their lives online. Social media platforms, online forums and blogs are among millennials’ preferred forms of interaction and communication.

But marketing to millennials isn’t simply about distributing information to them online—it’s about tuning into their digital conversations.

  • Listen to Your Audience – Marketers need to listen to the conversations millennials are having about their brands. Insights into social conversations can reveal brand sentiments, audience perceptions, themes and categories that are unique to millennial audiences.
  • Customize Your Messaging – Use the insights gathered from in-depth social analysis to create tailored messages. Millennials value messaging that addresses their unique needs and preferences. By creating a customized marketing plan with tailored messaging, you can improve millennial perceptions and loyalty to your brand.

Technology for Marketing to Millennials

Networked Insights gives your brand access to precise, real-time insights. Our Kairos marketing platform allows you to:

  • Gather Consumer Data – We analyze nearly 560 million social posts every day to capture insights about every aspect of millennials’ lives.
  • Classify Information – We analyze and classify social conversation into 15,000 unique topics and interests so that you can easily understand what matters most to your brand and audience.
  • Organize Brand Feedback – We organize the consumer feedback that is relevant to your brand so you can understand it and adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.
  • Analyze Information – Unique text analytics paired with predictive marketing techniques help you identify future trends, opportunities and conversations before they happen.
  • Activate Your Marketing Strategy – Armed with in-depth insights, you can develop your brand messaging to fit the needs of millennials or your specific audience—and make adjustments as you go.

Marketing to Millennials with Networked Insights

Marketing to millennials requires a fresh approach. Traditional methods won’t cut it, so you need a platform that provides detailed insights into millennial conversations. Networked Insights’ marketing solutions help you uncover critical insights about millennials and apply them in ways that position your brand ahead of the marketplace.

To learn more about Networked Insights’ marketing solutions or to schedule a demo of Kairos, contact us today.

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