Here, in Our War Room

It’s the Super Bowl and the most exciting ads of the year will be unveiled tonight. We have plans to not only watch it, but also reveal the big wins of the night — as told through social data. Between the big plays and the pizza, we’re analyzing the millions of tweets, posts and comments made by consumers as they watch.

Our analysis will go far beyond counting mentions or simple sentiment analysis to uncover consumers’ emotional responses to the ads they see and why the ads work — or don’t. We’ll look at which emotions consumers most expressed about each ad enabling marketers to gauge the effectiveness of ads and understand how ads make the best connections with consumers.

During the game, Networked Insights’ VP Customer Insights Group, Rick Miller, will be analyzing the data as it happens, and publishing assessments of the brands that are winning (or not) at the end of each half.  Check back here and follow us on twitter to read the reports as they’re released.

We’ll be right here in our war room, enjoying every minute.