Trust. Love. Happiness. Which Super Bowl Ads Connected?

Brands pump millions into their Super Bowl ads, but which used their investment to build a real connection with consumers? Critics are lining up to declare which ad “won” or “lost” the game – but what’s often missing is the “why” a given brand succeeded or failed.  Networked Insights analyzed millions of posts, tweets and comments from across the social web during the game to understand, straight from consumers, which emotions each ad evokes.

  • Brands that typically see fewer discussions on social media saw the biggest percentage gains in positive emotional reaction from consumers on game day. Far and away, Loctite and Always were the brand winners from this metric. Loctite saw a 31,400 percent lift in posts expressing a positive emotion with their brand. Always came in second with 23,394 percent. Kia came in third with just 4,867 percent lift, still strong but not at the level Loctite and Always achieved.
  • Brands can win and lose at the same time. Nationwide epitomized this with their two Super Bowl ads: one featuring Mindy Kaling and a second about childhood accidents, called “Make Safe Happen.” Going into the second half, Nationwide was winning with its Mindy Kaling spot. However, the insurance company faced backlash for its second commercial, drawing a 49,100 percent increase in confusion among viewers.
  • Few brands built trust through their ads this year. Always and Carnival Cruises had the most lift in trust while most of the brands generated happiness and amusement.

​For a full breakdown of consumer emotions from the ads and takeaways for marketers, please download our full report.