Tracking The Super Bowl Ad Game

The Super Bowl is the convergence of sports, entertainment, and most importantly for us, advertising. Social data plays a critical role in the way viewers (and consumers in general) react to the advertising salvo during the big game. For the brands that are paying millions to showcase themselves, social data is a real-time gauge of the audience’s perception. With 30-second commercials costing brands upwards of $4 million, this kind of real-time feedback is crucial to gauge ROI and for brands to determine what resonated with consumers and can be extended across marketing channels.

At the surface, social data can reveal which ads are driving the most social engagement and viewer reception towards them. With so much interest from both consumers and businesses around Super Bowl ads, Networked Insights wanted to create a fun way to track the tsunami of data during the Super Bowl. By visiting our Brand Tracker, anyone can easily gauge how companies are faring during the big game in terms of getting consumers talking—in real time.


Of course, thematic analysis of social data can go beyond metrics like number of brand mentions or share of voice to tell a more sophisticated story about why consumers engage with these ads. It can reveal how different consumer segments react to the same ads, which elements of the ads—from celebrity appearance to music choice to dialogue—worked (and didn’t).

Networked Insights’ technology and analytics work provides more richer insights than what you are seeing here. In fact, we’ve helped some of the world’s largest brands better understand their consumers using sophisticated marketing analysis. Metrics such as number of mentions are just the beginning of how brands can leverage social data for marketing. Check out our extended thematic analysis from last year’s game for more on what’s possible.

In addition to our web-based brand tracker, Networked Insights will dive deeper into the ads and brands after Super Bowl XLVIII as well. Look for that extended analysis after the game at

Enjoy the game and have fun.