The Top 10 Super Bowl Ads: T-Mobile Wins Big, Mr. Clean Cleans Up

For our 2017 Super Bowl Ads Report, Networked Insights analyzed the campaigns for every Super Bowl advertiser across Twitter, YouTube, blogs & forums to help understand which brands had the greatest impact and drove the most positive (and negative) conversations.

Like it or not, this year’s Super Bowl was one of the most highly politicized sporting events in recent history, with controversial ads from Budweiser, Audi, Airbnb, and 84 Lumber – all focused on the immigration issue. The political ads inspired some praise, some criticism and even some proposed boycotts (of Budweiser and Audi). The controversy seemed to pay off for the advertisers, with all of the political ads placing in the top ten of Super Bowl advertisers.

While many brands focused on politics, some of the night’s biggest winners focused on bringing the funny. With nearly 160,000 mentions, our analysis revealed T-Mobile was the most discussed brand by a wide margin.Super Bowl AdsThe wireless carrier’s use of popular celebrities like Justin Bieber, Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart in humorous situations spread out over several commercials was well received, with positive discussion accounting for 15% of branded conversation.

Other successful Super Bowl advertisers include Mr. Clean’s alluring ad (with a newly buffed out version of the classic ad icon) as well as the trailer debut for Stranger Things’ upcoming 2nd season.

For a more detailed breakdown of all the winners, losers, and reactions by industry and audience, download the full report here.

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