Time with Dad (or Mom). The best gift of all.

By June 19, 2015 People No Comments

Racking your brain about what to give your dad for Father’s Day? What did Mom get for Mother’s day? How about Paid Family Leave?

Not sure if you’ve heard, but there’s been a ton of press popping up over the U.S. being the only other country, besides Papua New Guinea, to not offer Paid Maternity Leave. While John Oliver, Seth Meyers, and a number of other comedians and news outlets have made an effort to highlight this discrepancy, we at Networked Insights understand the value and responsibility of being a new mom or dad, and have always had a paid parental leave policy to reflect that.

“The last thing you want to think about as a new mom is how things are going to go with work and making that transition, and the reassurance I received from NI was great. I felt extremely supported by my colleagues and executive team, and I was grateful for the time I was given to spend at home. Even when I came back to work, I wanted to make sure I traveled less and my boss just said, “Done.”  If any women out there are looking to make a career move but don’t want to sacrifice starting a family, NI has extremely competitive benefits given its industry and start up environment”

– Linda Sturman, VP of Strategic Insights

Networked Insights recognizes the physical, emotional, and psychological demands of both childbirth and adoption for moms  AND dads, and considers that a period of leave is important for the well-being of both the parent and the child. Networked Insights is in full support of its colleagues’ decisions to become parents, and also know that you can probably find a slew of colleagues available for babysitting for those adorable babies.