This is Cuba

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Networked Insights helps Western Union understand its changing Cuban market with a study in generational emotional differences, themes regarding entrepreneurship and interests of Cubans living in Cuba and around the world.

Here at Networked Insights we love helping our client partners dig into the data and best understand their opportunity audience. It’s what Kairos does best — analyzing billions of social media posts to reveal what was previously unknown about a certain group of people. This week, Western Union, a long standing client of ours, released some information out of a study we worked on together to help them understanding an emerging market: Cuba.

The project had started as their team embarked on development and filming of a TV commercial — one of the first filmed by an American company since before the beginning of the embargo against Cuba in 1962 – as they looked ahead to rapprochement between the U.S. and Cuba.  Western Union needed the content, messaging and media placement to be spot-on, and they needed to deeply understand the Cuban community to do it. Social data was the perfect means to understand changing opinions about remittance of funds to Cuba and entrepreneurship taking hold in the country.  They wanted to know what musicians, celebrities and brands are hot topics among Cubans. And, they needed to know what was causing the divide in pro- and anti-Cuban relations and the emotions behind the split.  And how did attitudes differ along generational lines?

Ultimately, the research helped Western Union verify the direction that they had planned to take with their campaign and also helped them understand what the reaction to their campaign might be. Overall, Western Union’s goal for the campaign centered on spreading the word about Cuban entrepreneurs, especially to people within the United States. Western Union wanted to show how remittances not only have the chance to help friends and family members with everyday expenses, but they also have the potential to fuel economic change and advance small businesses – which Western Unions is very interested in doing not only within Cuba, but around the world. Within Cuba, cuentapropistas(small, private business owners) are continuing to gain traction as the Cuban government is allowing greater amounts of people to open up their own private businesses. With the monetary support of those in the United States, Cuban entrepreneurship has the potential to flourish even more than it already has.

Networked Insights continued to update the analysis each month so that Western Union can track their campaign’s effectiveness and keep an eye out for emerging issues, enabling the Western Union team to continue to be sensitive to and mindful of their customer’s feelings and also allowing them to be agile in their ongoing social media campaign approach.  As for the results of this research, you can read details from the report in Western Union’s press release on the story.