The true meaning of real-time marketing

Advertising Age recently featured a guest contribution by Sarah Hofstetter from 360i on the topic of real-time marketing. I completely disagree with her stance on the issue.

Real-time marketing is about understanding your customers and prospects in real time and having the ability to use the resulting insights to make smarter, more timely marketing decisions to answer the needs of those customers and to outflank your competition.

The Marketing World Runs on Real-time Data

Arguing as Sarah does that this capability is not right for every brand is a typical agency perspective based on the belief that agencies know better than their clients what clients need.

At Networked Insights, the most common response we get from senior marketers when we show them what real-time data can provide is, “This is what I have been asking my agency for and they haven’t been able to deliver.”

We think every client should be empowered to deliver in real time. Whether they do or not is a question of situation-specific judgment that separates the good marketers from the great.

360i’s response for Oreo to the Super Bowl blackout was smart and real-time. It just had nothing to do with social data and insights.

What we are talking about is whether all clients should be enabled break free from out-of-date, small-sample research and benefit from a unified source of marketing intelligence that can inform the full spectrum of marketing decisions.

It’s that simple and that revolutionary.  These are the true basis of real-time marketing.

We don’t propose that clients toss out those old ways, but we certainly have the data to show that markets and consumers move in real-time and CMOs and their peers need to and can make the leap to an “Always On” stance.