The Oscars’ most social moments

Hollywood came alive during last night’s 85th Academy Awards ceremony, where the stars wore their best and the industry’s finest were honored. The excitement of the glitz and glamour was in full force on social media during last night’s Oscar ceremony as well. Fittingly, many advertisers capitalized on the increased interest, using the show as a launchpad for ads that catered towards the Oscars viewers.

Networked Insights analyzed the activity across the entire social web related to the ads and celebrities that were in the spotlight during last night’s Oscars. Overall the event garnered more than 8.9 million conversations and the highest spike was when Michelle Obama announced Argo as the winner for Best Picture. Social predictions, made earlier by Networked Insights, also correctly projected this win as well as several other winners.

Of course, the big night was filled with discussions around the celebrities. Winners got a large boost in conversations as viewers commented around their acceptance speeches, but there were many other standouts in the top 10 most discussed celebrity listing as well.


Top celebrity key-points:

  • Jennifer Lawrence’s antics involving tumbling on the stage stairs and a fist-pump (all of which were instantly turned into GIFs and shared on Twitter and Tumblr), helped her become the most discussed celebrity at the show
  • Conversations around Anne Hathaway were very polarizing and many disliked her acceptance speech for Best Supporting Actress
  • Kristen Stewart’s conversation skewed negatively, with many disliking her “stiff” on-stage performance
  • Channing Tatum got a huge boost in conversation for performing a dance number in the opening bit
  • The camera cut to Charlize Theron during Seth MacFarlane’s song about onscreen nudity provoked a surge in conversations

The celebrities weren’t the only things discussed last night either. Seth MacFarlane was mostly well-received, driving more than 200k Oscar-related conversations.

Not to be left behind, advertisers spent upwards of $1.8 million for a 30 second spot to capitalize on Oscar viewers. Some launched massive new marketing campaigns (like JCP and Grey Poupon) that inspired consumers to share in real-time their thoughts about the ads.

Update 2/25/13: Check out how Adweek leveraged this data.

Top advertiser key-points:

  • Samsung had the highest positive sentiment and volume, driven by Tim Burton’s cameo in the final “unicorn apocalypse” ad
  • Apple’s conversation was very polarizing, with the discussion revolving around the number of ad slots they used, which repeated the same commercial
  • Coca-Cola’s conversation was very polarizing—many thought their “calorie count” ads were misleading
  • Grey Poupon saw 4 times its daily average number of conversations
  • JCP’s ads were well received, but some viewers expressed reservations about JCP’s rebranding attempt from department store to lifestyle brand

Before the show even aired, Networked Insights also performed an analysis to uncover insights about the actors and movies winning the “social” Oscars race, as well as reactions to Seth MacFarlane’s hosting gig.

We looked at conversations that took place online, after the nominee announcement (1/10 – 2/14), which revealed a heated debate, and depending on the audience you looked at, the results were split for some categories.

Below is a quick summary—for a detailed analysis, with post numbers and sentiment numbers for each category, check out our full analysis at the end of this blog post.

Quick facts:
Only 16% of Argo’s conversation was about the Academy snubbing Ben Affleck for Best Director
Only 5% of Zero Dark Thirty’s conversation was about the polarizing torture scenes
More than 37,100 conversations about Seth MacFarlane as Oscar host
14% love that he’s hosting
Conversations among all movie fans pointed to these winners:

Best Picture – Zero Dark Thirty
Best Actor – Bradley Cooper
Best Actress – Jennifer Lawrence
Best Supporting Actor – Christoph Waltz
Best Supporting Actress – Anne Hathaway

Among fans of the Oscars:

Best Picture – Argo
Best Actor – Daniel Day-Lewis
Best Actress – Jennifer Lawrence
Best Supporting Actor – Tommy Lee Jones
Best Supporting Actress – Anne Hathaway


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