The Best Marketing & Advertising Panels at 2013 Social Media Week – NYC

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Social Media Week New York is back, and I’m excited to connect with some of the sharpest minds in marketing, advertising and social media. Below are some of the marketing and advertising presentations and panels that I can’t wait to check out during 2013 Social Media Week:


A Digital Native and a Digital Adopter in a Complicated Media Age: A Conversation with Brian Stelter and David Carr

Looking forward to seeing: David Carr, Brian Stelter, & Andrew Rasiej

As a clear continuation of David and Brian’s entertaining keynote from last year’s Internet Week, my question for the duo would be: Last time, the two of you discussed how the race to be first to break a story, especially in commodity news, was not nutritiously advantageous to readers. How do you instead see publishers leveraging real-time data to make sure content is the most “nutritious” for readers?


Keynote: Jeff Dachis on Redefining Mass Communications, Interviewed by Emily Steel at the FT

Looking forward to seeing:  Jeff Dachis and Emily Steel

My question for Emily to ask Jeff would be: Awareness, advocacy and “metricizing” are great, but they are values you measure after a campaign is launched. How are you seeing brands use social data to pre-inform decisions, uncover trends and enable predictions related to marketing and advertising?


The Shift from Presentation to Participation, A Discussion With HuffPost Live’s President Roy Sekoff

Looking forward to seeing: Roy Sekoff, Anthony De Rosa, #SMWHuffPo

My question for the panelists would be: The democratization of the news is a future we’re already living in, but it is constantly challenged with the massive competition for viewer eyeballs. How do you see leveraging the real-time data available to inform what content would be the most attractive to potential participants?


Fast Company Presents: The Most Innovative Social Media Companies of 2013

Looking forward to seeing: Anjali Mullany

After Networked Insights being selected as one of the most innovative brands last year, it’s always great to keep a finger on the pulse of what other brands are doing.


Social as the Great Equalizer: Interviews with Companies Large and Small

Looking forward to seeing: David Fudge, Craig Hepburn, &  Scott Roen

My question for the panelists: How do Nokia, Bonobos, and Amex leverage social data to improve product development, marketing and customer service? What are the obstacles to social media marketers evolving from tactical to strategic roles?


danah boyd: The Ethics & Challenges of Dealing with Big Data and Privacy, an Interview with Jenna Wortham, NY Times

Looking forward to see: danah boyd and Jenna Wortham

danah boyd has always been on the forefront of exploring the constructs of mediated public spaces, and my question for her would be: What platforms offer the most potential for unlocking the solutions that big data offers  (like unlocking consumer interest graphs)? Platforms that force more users to disclose more private information in a public space, or platforms that provides more anonymity for the user?