Organize, relevantly

Connecting consumer feedback to brand decision making

There is so much data out there. If you’re going to glean insights from the social web, it needs to be organized in a way that’s meaningful and actionable for your brand.  We organize information tightly, starting with those marketing ABCs.

  1. Audience – We segment consumers into groups that share a common trait, interest, attitude or characteristic that drives brand choice and loyalty. This could be behavioral, such as healthy eaters or tech enthusiasts. Or by life stage, such as expecting parents. Or by generation such as millennials or demographic such as teens. This helps you discover, understand and continually monitor what audiences matter for your brand.
  2. Brand – Learn what people are saying about your brand and competitors. Understand the how brand attributes like price, features and quality are driving choice and loyalty. Discover unmet needs across your category, post-purchase experience and so much more. It’s like having a direct line to your audience’s thoughts.
  3. Campaign – Find out the unfiltered truth about what people are saying about your marketing campaigns. Also, know how the campaign is helping change or create positive perceptions or better yet, motivate consumers through the purchase cycle. In real-time, you’ll understand campaign specific recall, resonance, response, and how that impacts your brand health KPIs.

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