Consumer data, gathered

Mining massive amounts of consumer data to ensure you are in the know

What’s so great about consumer data from the social web? Unlike many other marketing data sources, social data is always current, candid and comprehensive, so you always know what is on your audience’s mind. Our insights are gleaned from more than 30 Million sources, representing 560 Million posts daily and 100 Million consumers monthly. More than 74% of all Internet users engage with social media, according to Pew Research, so you’re not basing your marketing spend on small sample sizes or biased focus groups.

To understand all audiences, brand perceptions, category needs and life interests, we capture data from wide spectrum of social media data. This includes major services like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Word Press,  and the top commenting platform, Disqus. In addition we include millions of the top blogs, forums, review and new sites. No matter the audience, brand, or category, we can help you learn about it.

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