Classify, comprehensively

Classifying with science and topical expertise

We classify social data using a variety of carefully honed techniques to capture as much relevant information as possible without sacrificing accuracy. Our classification platform combines the best of machine learning, computational linguistics and Boolean search technologies.  And, we make it simple, so you can focus on easily and comprehensively understanding your consumers. Unlike other solutions, we don’t require query-writing skills or special topic knowledge that can hinder the ability to gain insights.

In total, we have more than 25,000 consumer interests and attributes to help you better and more quickly understand your target audience. These classifiers bring the social web to life, allowing you to clearly see the consumers behind the words. Our consumer classifiers are continually learning and growing. They currently include:

Who the person is, including their:

  • Location down to the country, state, and local market.
  • Age group
  • Gender

What the person is talking about including:

  • Product category discussions highly relevant to your brand, including competitors, brands and product features
  • Broad interest categories that encompass virtually everything consumers care about, including family, entertainment, finance, health, food and travel
  • Specific interests in celebrities, musicians, athletes, shows, events and other facets of popular culture
  • Content shared with others

How the person talks including:

  • Consumer brand perceptions, including satisfaction, quality and value
  • Their awareness, familiarity and intent to purchase a product
  • Going far deeper than simple sentiment, we distinguish nearly 100 different emotions such as excitement and love, fear and hate, hope and desire

With more than 25,000 consumer interests and attributes, you are seconds away from understanding virtually any topic ranging from Apple iPhone to Zoology without needing to understand boolean queries or special topic knowledge.

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