Analyze, intelligently

Trust sophisticated science, not your gut.

By uncovering even the most subtle signals in your data, you’ll be the first to see and understand your brand’s risks, trends and opportunities. We help you spot non-obvious correlations in your audience as well propensities to help you optimize brand positioning. Our analytics bring structure to this mass of consumer data, so you can more easily see relevant and actionable trends and patterns.

Our unbiased discovery techniques help you find hidden consumer segments and themes that would have been previously impossible to uncover. These predictive methodologies learn from your prior consumer signals and results, such as sales or survey data, to forecast outcomes. The result: capture and confidently act on emerging opportunities before your competition does.

Our team of highly experienced data scientists and analysts are the brightest in the industry. They use a variety of techniques to uncover meaningful insights including:

  • Machine learning
  • Named entity recognition
  • Computation linguistics
  • Advanced Boolean queries
  • Unaided thematic discovery
  • Deep learning
  • Marketing mix econometric modeling
  • Targeting recommender systems

Make smarter, faster decisions with Networked Insights.

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