Kairos®: Insights at the Opportune Moment

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Consumer preferences can change in a flash. While the social web holds a wealth of information you can leverage to better understand your customers, you need a marketing tool that can quickly identify opportunities before the window to act closes.

Kairos gives you the ability to deftly strike at the opportune moment by providing real-time insights into your target audiences, marketing campaigns and brand health. By classifying the entire social web and organizing consumer conversations around marketing KPIs, our social analytics platform helps you immediately see spikes and trends, pinpoint exactly why they’re happening, and take action at exactly the right moment to maximize customer engagement.

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Make smarter, faster decisions with Networked Insights.

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Designed from the start for real-time,
audience-specific marketing.

1. Gather, broadly

2. Classify, comprehensively

3. Organize, relevantly

4. Analyze, intelligently

5. Activate, precisely

6. Monitor, proactively

Gather, broadly

We start by gathering a tremendous amount of consumer data from the social web. Every day, we examine 30 million sources representing 560 million posts. And, we update our data every second and make it available for analysis for 13 months. With data that’s both exceedingly deep and broad, we’re able to capture the full spectrum of consumers’ lives — letting you put your finger on the pulse of your target audience.


Classify, comprehensively

Next, we take this noisy mass of consumer information and categorize it around everything that matters to your brand, category and audience. In fact, we classify every single post, tweet and comment in more than 25,000 ways. With this, you are seconds away from deeply discovering and understanding virtually any topic your consumers are talking about.


Organize, relevantly

We don’t stop at classification.  Next, we organize your brand-relevant consumer feedback around your core marketing elements to make it easier to discover, understand and act more quickly.  These core elements are your marketing ABCs.

Audience segmentation and differentiation strategies
Brand perceptions and category dynamics
Campaign strategy and execution elements


Analyze, intelligently

By combining sophisticated text analytics with predictive marketing techniques, we uncover hidden opportunities so you can make faster, smarter and better marketing decisions. Our finely tuned analytics detect leading indicator signals, non-obvious correlations and audience propensities, so you can confidently spot important trends, forecast outcomes and take action – before the competition does.


Activate, precisely

Put these insights to work. Armed with a full 360 degree understanding of your audiences, you can differentiate your brand message across your media mix – including TV, display, search and social – and target it to each audience segment uniquely with highly relevant creative. Improve your audience engagement with on-target content that speaks to their unique needs and passions.


Monitor, proactively

Consumer opinions never take a break. Neither do we. At Networked Insights, we’re always on the lookout for opportunities, trends and issues related to your brand that need attention — immediately. We’ll help you spot opportunities so you can capture them before the competition does (or they disappear altogether). And, you’ll gain the clarity to see risks with enough time to mitigate or, even better, avoid altogether.


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