Super Bowl – Game Time for Marketers!

It’s a given that big events such as the Super Bowl get millions of eyes glued to the TV, providing the ultimate arena for attracting consumers . The only question? With such high costs for advertising and the high stakes for failure, how can marketers ensure a winning campaign?

With Networked Insights’ CMO Guide to Super Bowl Marketing, professionals can do a better job of planning event-related placements and promotions if they know who is talking about their brand in real-time, what those people are saying and where they are having those conversations.

Topics the guide covers include:

  • Using real-time social data to understand your audiences and deliver them relevant content
  • Learning how to reach NFL fans without an NFL budget
  • Overcoming a media lockout
  • Why a celebrity like Beyoncé might be too expensive for your brand
  • Key insights from last year’s big game including analysis that reveals the hottest brands and most successful celebrity endorsements, while providing insights about the best Facebook integrations and key conversations around the Super Bowl.

So stop sitting on the bench and get your head into the game! This guide is your playbook to incorporating real-time social data into your strategic planning, allowing you to avoid making a massive fumble. Through understanding the advertising successes and celebrity flops from one of the biggest advertising events of the year, you’ll understand how leveraging social data to inform all of your marketing decisions is the marketing revolution that’s here to stay.

Download your copy of the CMO Guide to Super Bowl Marketing today to ensure that you stay at the top of your game!