Spotlight: Twitter Technology Partner

Last week, Networked Insights was called out as one of Twitter’s technology partners in the media and entertainment industry.

We’re one of a handful of technology partners that the social media giant calls out for being able to leverage their data to discern audience interests, attributes and engagement, to produce actionable intelligence for brands.

Over the past seven years, our company has continued to partner with technology partners that have helped us make marketing more efficient for brands across industries from consumer packaged goods, retail, consumer electronics, food and beverage, and media and entertainment.
Most recently, our commitment to marketing innovation has been highlighted by well-known partners including GNIP, Elasticsearch, and more.

Partnering with these companies has allowed Networked Insights to deliver richer, timelier, and more sophisticated insights via social data analysis. We’re now classifying each piece of social data in more than 22,000 dimensions, for example. Check out this article focused on recent innovations in that area.

Our technology partnerships are what enables us deliver this type of innovation. This ultimately translates into marketing success for the brands, networks and studios we work with.