Speaker Series – Susan Noble from Mindshare

By March 24, 2015 People No Comments

susan-nobleWe here at NI are junkies for knowledge. We take it any way we can, and when we can’t get it, we go out looking for it. Lucky for us, we’re bringing the fix to the office this time. In an effort to give the people what they want, Networked Insights now offers frequent Speaker Series talks to bring in relevant industry professionals as an opportunity for professional development. This week, Susan Noble, Managing Director at Mindshare, stopped in to share some insights from her own experience on career development and industry trends.

“If you don’t change, you can’t stay.”- Susan Noble

Simple. Profound. And couldn’t be more true. In today’s social world, the marketing industry is continually and rapidly changing. So how do we stay relevant? How do we improve as colleagues in order to improve as a company?

Adaptive marketing was the buzzword being thrown around throughout the day, and Susan provided some great advice on building relationships with clients, constantly remaining curious and flexible, and tapping into NI’s entrepreneurial spirit in order to further both your personal and professional growth.

“It was great to hear from an industry veteran about the growing importance of data to clients and their agencies, and that not many know how they want to use it, which could be an opportunity for NI.”- Nicole Komassa, Director of Kairos® Support Services

“I found some of Susan’s insights really helpful as it relates to the vast amount of data every client has to work with. Particularly valuable was the idea of stepping in as an educator role to identify client objectives in order to develop a strategy and measure their investments.”- Sabrina Fruehauf, Manager of CIG

In order to break new ground, well rounded development within a company is invaluable if you’re willing stick it out and try new things- so now, we in the tech world just need to work on that patience thing…