sovrn and Networked Insights Ink Partnership


Networked Insights to help classify over a terabyte of data every month from sovrn

Today we’re excited to announce a partnership with sovrn Holdings, Inc., an advocate of and partner to almost 20,000 publishers across the independent web, to effectively and efficiently segment online audiences around hundreds of consumer interests, behaviors, and preferences.

In partnership with Networked Insights, sovrn continually analyzes real-time behavioral, contextual, semantic and social data on the nearly 1.5M sites and 60M unique readers sovrn sees everyday. Networked Insights overlays rich consumer interests to those sites.
sovrn and Networked Insights Ink Partnership
Networked Insights to help classify over a terabyte of data every month from sovrn

This continual analysis of real-time source data enables Networked Insights and sovrn to identify and target high-value audiences by organizing information into over 25,000 consumer interests such as politics, automotive, parenting, shopping, education, technology, religion, entertainment and hundreds more.

As a result of the sovrn and Networked Insight partnership:

  • Publishers will have an increased understanding of their audience through the topics that resonate with website visitors, the content that is most shared, and their affinity interests (product categories and brands);
  • Advertisers will have improved ad targeting guided by real-time consumer data allowing a more efficient spend and maximized budget;
  • Consumers will have an enhanced web experience as publishers become more informed about consumer interests and the topics that most resonate with their audience and advertising that is more relevant and complementary.

“Sovrn’s advertising solutions, powered by Networked Insights’ real-time consumer data, will provide buyers and sellers a new, more agile, intelligent method of making advertising decisions with content and media placement,” said Dan Cropsey, SVP of Product at Networked Insights. “The partnership enables a new era of micro-targeting consumers at scale, allowing marketing professionals to be more effective by deploying truly differentiated messaging, creative and targeting techniques. “

“Networked Insights has a robust platform and the experience helping brands match different content with differentiated audiences to maximize the value of sovrn’s niche audiences across our publishers’ display, mobile and video inventory,” said Keith Fagan, SVP & GM of Data Solutions at sovrn. “Combining sovrn’s technology, integrations and programmatic approach with Networked Insights real time social data allows us to deliver precise audience targeting at scale.”