Real-Time Marketing for CMOs

Make Smarter Decisions, Faster than Ever

Our real-time marketing technology enables CMOs to make data-driven decisions, deliver highly relevant content and leverage the most profitable marketing channels.

Benefits of Real-Time Marketing

With Networked Insights’ comprehensive marketing strategy solution, CMOs at major brands and Fortune 500 companies can leverage up-to-the-second consumer insights and take action faster than the competition:

      • Immediate Consumer Insights: We draw insights from more than 30 million total sources, including Twitter, Facebook, blogs and forums, as they happen. Our classified data represents 560 million daily posts and data from 100 million consumers each month.
      • Intelligent Analytics: Networked Insights has fully classified the social web, categorizing each post 15,000 ways around virtually everything that matters to your brand audience. We unlock real-time marketing insights so you can allocate resources more efficiently and maximize impact across channels.
      • Simple Dashboard: Without the need for complicated query writing, you’ll tap into the information you want and discover new insights.

Networked Insights’ real-time marketing technology gives CMOs an in-depth view of audience behavior and brand performance—insights that elevate marketing results, increase return on investments, and strengthen brand performance and loyalty.

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