Real-Time Data for Brand Management

Reduce Brand Management and Strategy Time

When developing your brand management strategy or undertaking a rebranding initiative, traditional sources of market research and data simply don’t cut it. With Networked Insights, you can go beyond simple demographics and periodic surveys to ensure you always know what is on your audiences’ minds.

Whether you need to understand consumer perception, brand health and retail performance, or launch a new product, Networked Insights analyzes social data from more than 100 million consumers every month—giving you an accurate and holistic view of your brand and customers.

Driving Measurable Brand Management ROI

Our sophisticated brand management technology offers several important benefits:

      • Discover and understand unique sub-segments within your key audiences
      • Deeper understanding of customer perceptions, behaviors and emotions
      • Comprehensive view of what your audiences care about beyond your category
      • Improve and better align targeting and content delivery across all channels
      • Identify and even predict brand or category trends, risks or opportunities
      • SmartSearch makes ad-hoc analysis of 100M+ consumer conversations easy for everyone

With real-time, easy to understand insights tailored to your brand, category and marketing processes, you can act quickly and confidently while your competitors are still researching what is happening.

Are you ready to incorporate an all-inclusive brand tracking solution into your brand strategy? Demo our solution today to learn more.

Make smarter, faster decisions with Networked Insights.

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