Data-Driven Marketing for Data Analysts

Data analysts at major brands and Fortune 500 companies use Networked Insights’ sophisticated data-driven marketing technology to maximize marketing effectiveness.

With access to broader customer insights from across the social web, blogs, media sites, comment sections, forums, review sites and other digital content, Networked Insights allows analysts to dig deeper and understand target audiences.

Driving Stronger Customer Insights for Data-Driven Marketing

Networked Insights gives data scientists comprehensive and measurable audience information in an easy-to-use, relevant and actionable form to improve:

  • Audience Identification: We leverage billions of conversations a week across the social web to offer companies larger and less biased focus groups that help you identify and segment your most profitable and active audiences.
  • Interest Discovery: Segmenting your brand target audience allows you to create brand messaging and content that resonates with each segment uniquely. Networked Insights’ technology quickly surfaces the brand perceptions and interests that matter to each segment and drive the most engaging marketing content possible.
  • Sales Impact: Our insights are actionable and drive real results. Better audience understanding leads to better marketing and ultimately more revenue.
  • Purchase Funnel: With real-time access to customer conversations and advanced natural language processing, data analysts can measure progress at each stage of the purchase funnel. This allows marketers to optimize campaigns while still inflight, based on what is working and not.
  • Brand Health: Data-driven marketing capabilities from Networked Insights give analysts real-time insights into the keys aspects of their brand health, leveraging carefully curated signals across the social web.

Networked Insights goes beyond simple social media listening capabilities and metrics to help companies build more effective data-driven marketing programs. Demo our solution to learn more about our powerful insights.

Make smarter, faster decisions with Networked Insights.

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