Kairos® makes it easy for marketers to create the best content, invest in the right media and track their success in real time.

Understand Your Opportunity Audience

Every marketer has an ideal set of customers to target. Our technology platform, Kairos, analyzes the world’s largest body of consumers’ self expression – social data – along thousands of dimensions so that you can discover and understand your best opportunity and turn around and target them in real-time.

Read how Under Armour expanded their opportunity with “athletic females.”

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Create Engaging and Relevant Content

The world of marketing has shifted and consumers are in control; choosing among hundreds of fragmented ad formats and content channels. Marketers have a slim shot to engage, so their content better be engaging and compelling – this very minute. Kairos knows what’s important to your opportunity audience in real time – so you can drill down in vivid detail to create compelling content every single day.

Invest in the Right
Media Channels

In order for your media investments to generate return, you have to move past outdated targeting methods like demographics because they’re too wasteful. Hone in on exactly your opportunity audience along with new targeting metrics encompassing not only who they are, but also how they live and what they need.


Marketing must move faster and has to be more accountable than ever. To keep up with the pace of consumers’ lives and scale brand health measurement in real time, you can’t rely on surveys, focus groups and market studies anymore because they’re too slow and too limited. Kairos gives you a holistic view of consumers’ passions and preferences so you can understand your brand’s health all the time, using the richest source of unaided consumer data.

Learn how to measure brand health in real time – so you can act while there’s still time to affect the outcome.

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Kairos® is built to solve your marketing challenges.

Audience Insights

Stay informed on what truly matters to each of your target audiences as it relates to your brand or broadly across their life. Discover and leverage opportunities and trends that you would never think to ask. Our discovery and comprehensive consumer technology are the keys to the most effective and broad consumer research solution you’ve ever used.

  • Zero in on your unique audiences built around key behaviors, attitudes and demographics.
  • Surface emerging trends and themes unique to your audience – before they’re mainstream.
  • Discover your customers’ affinities – natural likelihood to have preferences for certain activities, brands, entertainment and spokespersons – so you can integrate them into your marketing.
  • Align your marketing with consumers’ purchase journey.

Content Planning

Always have something interesting to say to your audience. Capitalize on fast emerging content opportunities before competition does or they disappear forever. Inform everything from quick hit content for your social channels to deep category content for your brand communities to specific campaign theme content for television spots. Our simple, yet powerful, content planner helps you land on the right content for your customer quickly, easily and confidently.

  • Dive deep into data classified 25,000 different ways to reveal a finely tuned picture of your unique audience’s interests, behaviors and preferences.
  • Learn nuanced opinions, preferences and perceptions necessary to develop deeper, more engaging content for vertical communities, blogs and websites.
  • Surface and evaluate celebrity spokespersons and media influencers for the right brand or campaign fit.
  • Bring compelling context to your marketing that you know resonates with your audience.

Campaign Management

It’s difficult to monitor the effectiveness of your campaigns, especially when they span media channels each with their own measurement systems. Kairos helps you measures the net response of all your campaigns in real-time by monitoring campaign, brand health and even purchase funnel signals. Know what is working — or not – long before other lagging data sources are usually available and you’ll be able to optimize in-flight.

  • Understand consumers’ emotional response to your campaign and take away actionable insights. Is your campaign building on important perceptions and emotions like trust and loyalty?
  • Determine what advertising creatives and messages are working best and why.
  • Adjust your promotional spend based a on real-time picture of how your campaign is performing.
  • Overlay your entire cross-channel marketing plan to easily see which aspects of your plan are driving engagement and results.
  • See how your campaign is changing your competitive share of voice.

Measurement and Tracking

Enable faster, more informed decisions by seeing the results of your overall marketing in real-time. Leverage familiar brand health or sales pipeline metrics to inform critical decisions before your existing metrics sources are available. Each performance metric is backed by an in-depth qualitative analysis helping you understand why.

  • Track brand conversations and engagement against your competitors.
  • Understand what brand features, attributes and occasions are driving purchase choice, positive usage experiences and loyalty.
  • Mirror existing brand health, advocacy and purchase funnel metrics to inform decisions in between untimely and expensive brand equity surveys.
  • Introduce a real-time brand sales and marketing effectiveness measurement that is relevant and useful across marketing functions.

Media Targeting and Optimization

Improve consumer engagement with smarter targeting. Find your audience and deliver the perfect message for them. Uniquely crafted creatives can be directed to individual brand segments using our audience targeting services across Facebook, Twitter and the broader web via major demand-side platforms.

  • Networked Insights has worked closely with Twitter to launch Kairos Audience Insights, which will open new and expanded audience segmentation, insights, measurement and targeting tools to brands that advertise on Twitter. Read the announcement.
  • Reach 1M+ sites and 180M monthly users that share your audience’s interests across digital.
  • Target audience handles, categories or keywords across Twitter.
  • Find engaged Facebook audiences via interest clusters that leverage the broader social web.
  • Rank and optimize TV show inventory using audience engagement.
  • Discover relevant and emerging audience search keywords before your competitors.