Social Media Analytics

Social media analytics play an important role in data-driven marketing. Inaccurate or incomplete social data means missed opportunities and increased risk. But with advanced social media metrics, you gain access to real-time insights that inform content creation, ad campaigns and other aspects of your brand’s larger marketing strategy.

Leveraging Social Media Analytics for Brand Advantage

Social media analytics solutions can help you convert social channel insights into important advantages for your brand that extend beyond social itself. But not all social media analysis technologies provide the range of benefits and features you need to improve your organization’s social intelligence.

There are a handful of features and capabilities that set industry-leading social media analytics solutions providers apart from the rest of the pack:

  • Audience Segmentation – The ability to identify, segment and analyze target audiences based on demographics, interest or lifestyle (e.g. women, sci-fi movie lovers, new parents)
  • Category Intelligence – In-depth analysis of topics that are being discussed and shared by target audiences across the Web—with insights on topics in and out of your category
  • Competitive Analysis – The ability to identify attributes that are dominating conversations about your competitors and driving audiences to their businesses
  • Purchase Funnel Analytics – Visibility to customized funnel metrics that show what is working for your brand long before sales data is available for analysis
  • Campaign Analysis – Accurate, timely measurement and analysis of campaign performance across multiple audience segments, allowing time to adjust strategy as necessary
  • KPI Tracking – The tracking of advocacy, satisfaction, value, quality and other real-world KPIs over time

The real value of advanced social media analytics solutions is that they take social listening and social media monitoring a step further by providing a more detailed look into the real-time insights that inform your data-driven marketing agenda.

Networked Insights: A Smarter Choice for Social Media Analytics

Networked Insights offers one of the world’s most advanced social media analytics solutions for enterprises. We specialize in helping your business convert real-time social insights into true business advantage.

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