Social Data is Now Marketing Data: How the GroupM and Networked Insights Partnership Came to Life

Last week, Networked Insights announced our exclusive partnership with GroupM, the largest media management company in the world.  To put GroupM’s scale into context, it’s estimated that their investments account for approximately one in three ads globally (Source: RECMA). Our partnership will give all of GroupM’s 27,000 employees worldwide access to Kairos, which will allow them to adaptively plan and continuously optimize client campaigns using real-time consumer data from the social web. I think this partnership represents one of the largest-ever marketing SaaS implementations, and we’re incredibly excited to bring this capability to GroupM and their clients.

This announcement has been years in the making and began over a conversation between myself and GroupM’s Chairman Irwin Gotlieb several years ago on the terrace of the Carlton Hotel in Cannes.  We have discussed many things over the years but on that day we were discussing the potential for social data to do more for brands in terms of helping them draw a more direct connection with consumers and learn more about their needs and behaviors in real time – enabling truly adaptive marketing and media planning. But the technology hadn’t yet caught up to the vision — tech companies were still only offering basic social search and listening.

Today, Kairos’ Brain has caught up. It understands everything that is meaningful to consumers as it relates to brands or broadly across their lives so that brands can take advantage of the data in real time to make decisions and take actions that don’t lag behind consumers’ real-time needs.

Using Kairos, GroupM will gain actionable, real-time insights from the social web to make better informed media investment decisions. Data from our platform will enhance audience segmentation, content strategy, media management and brand health diagnostics for all of GroupM’s agencies.

With this data, GroupM employees across agencies such as Mindshare, MEC, MediaCom and Maxus will be able to help their clients deliver the right content at the right time and place to effectively target their opportunity audiences. When GroupM understands the reasons behind customer conversations and how their interests fit into their lives as a whole, they can help brands craft a more meaningful message that resonates.

Our partners at GroupM have stated the value of social conversation as an early indicator of sales. This deal is further evidence that social data has become marketing data– enabling better decision making for many facets of their businesses from content decisions and media selections to brand health.

To learn more, click here to read the announcement in the Wall Street Journal.