Sochi Winter Olympics Conversation Analysis

Buying ad space during the Winter Olympics is not a step brands and advertisers take lightly. This can be a tricky event, with a host of sports and personalities making their way fleetingly into consumer consciousness every four years. People are talking Shaun White one moment, then asking “Shaun who?” the next. Picking the right avenue to channel your ad budget isn’t always easy.

And so for the past two weeks of the Sochi Winter Olympics, millions of consumers have been voicing their reactions to ads in real-time across Twitter, Facebook, blogs and forums. It’s a brilliant way for for brands to comprehend how their ads and those of their competitors are being perceived! Which ads got people talking, which ads resonated positively, which ads worked with specific consumer segments.

Not only that, but also which sports and personalities gained the most traction from who & where. Now that the competition is over and the medals have been handed out, it’s time to woo brands as spokespeople and ambassadors. For a Olympic athlete, that means striking while the iron’s hot!

Our report, Winter Olympics Conversation Analysis, a new report from Networked Insights is now available, offering consumer insights into ads, athletes and sports. It’s a must-see for any marketer with an eye to the future Olympic glory.