Sleepers, Busts and the Best Damn Fantasy Football Team Ever

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Sometimes at Networked Insights we pause from the deep research intended to help brands be more relevant and dive into Kairos to help out the common man. At least when it comes to fantasy football.

Using our artificial intelligence platform, Kairos, we examined more than 350,000 conversations over a one-month period around fantasy football to determine the biggest sleepers and the biggest busts – based not on what big name fantasy football analysts like Matthew Berry and Adam Schefter are saying, but what the every day fan is saying on social media.

We’ve used similar methodology to predict the U.S. and U.K. elections, even last year’s World Series Championship win by the Cubs. If social media conversation can help predict the rise of Trump and the end of Chicago’s biggest sports curse, who’s to say it can’t help you win that office pool?


Below is our top 10 lists for sleepers and busts. Give it a pass and let us know how your team fares by using the hashtag: #NIFantasyPicks.

Let’s go.

SLEEPERS, or the guys you should pick before you thought you should.

  1. Carson Wentz tops our list in social rank and also ranks high across the leagues, ESPN 126.9; Yahoo 132.9 and CBSSports 132.2. The Philadelphia Eagles rookie QB threw more passes than anyone else in the second half of last season and rocks a current ADP of QB16.

  2. Joe Mixon comes next. The rookie Cincinnati Bengals running back may be on his way to being crowned the best. His draft pick rank on ESPN is 55.9, on Yahoo it’s 46.4, and at CBSSports it’s at 46.4. We say grab him. Quick.

  3. Ty Montgomery is third on our list. The Green Bay Packers running back has impressed by averaging 5.9 YPC and 3.3 yards after contract. He currently stands as a 45.7th draft pick on ESPN, 50.1 on Yahoo and 50.1 on CBSSports.

  4. Dalvin Cook of the Minnesota Vikings in fourth. The Florida State impresario supplied 2.6 YAC in 2016 and successfully leaving his mark on the field. Currently ranking on ESPN as 46.2 Yahoo at 36.1 and CBSSports. The social data we found aligns with these picks, so be sure to add him to your roster.

  5. Jamison Crowder is a 66.3 pick on ESPN, a 82.6 pick on Yahoo, an 82.7 pick on, and is coming in fifth on our list. Crowder, the Washington Redskins wide receiver, is building a name as a breakout player known for consistency. He’s a sleeper on our list for the 90-plus catches he’s claimed and a total of seven touchdowns.

  6. Mike Gillislee is riding into sixth with his monster 10 touchdowns on 110 touches last season. He currently stands as a 75.6 pick on ESPN 73.5 pick on on both Yahoo and CBSSports.

  7. Brandon Marshall, the 6-foot-5-inch beast of a man proudly stretching out NY Giants jerseys, is on fire, despite a recent injury. He’s 7th on our list and is holding strong as a 74.1 pick on ESPN, 72.9 pick on Yahoo and 72.3 pick on CBSSports.
  8. Alvin Kamara comes in eighth on our list. As rumor has it, he’s going to be starter at some point this season for the New Orleans Saints. Compared to the leagues, 143.7 pick on ESPN, a 160.1 on Yahoo and 157.6 on CBSSports. Get on it.

  9. Doug Martin is ninth on our list and he’s a 69.1 pick on ESPN, a 45.3 pick on Yahoo and CBSSports.

  10. C.J. Fiedorowicz is holding down tenth tenth on our list, likely due to the position plays and the amount of points he can bring in. The Houston Texans tight end has more than tripled his previous career-highs in targets, receptions, yardage and touchdowns. He’s currently ranked at 170.1 on ESPN, 168.2 on both Yahoo and CBSSports.


BUSTS, or the guys you should hold off on for now.

  1. Dak Prescott – We see people are eager to get get The Dallas Cowboys quarterback on their lists, but hold off for the moment. He’s a 87.2 pick on ESPN, 89.7 on Yahoo and 844 on CBSSports.

  2. Allen Robinson needs to prove himself from his fantasy track record from last year, so people are holding off for now. He’s currently a 60.4 pick on ESPN, a 41.3 pick on Yahoo and 60.3 on CBSSports.

  3. Carlos Hyde is an extremely effective player…when he’s on the field. He’s third on our hold off list and is ranked as a 41.1 pick on ESPN, 45.5 pick on Yahoo and 52.9 on CBSSports.

  4. Lamar Miller is fourth on our list. Comparatively he’s 28.8 on ESPN, 26.1 on Yahoo and 30.3 on CBSSports. People aren’t ready to commit to him yet, as he’s averaged 1.3 yards after contact which was third worst in the NFL. We say hold off.

  5. Marshawn Lynch – It’s hard not to believe in the 31-year-old Oakland Raiders running back, but we see people aren’t ready to jump on him just yet. He’s 28.6 on ESPN, 35.1 on Yahoo and 34.8 on CBSSports.

  6. Sammy Watkins is a talented player, but has been cursed with injuries keeping him out of 21 games over the past two seasons. He’s sixth on our list and is ranked at 66.8 on ESPN, 48.3 on Yahoo and 82.1 on CBSSports.

  7. Adrian Peterson – Blame it on the meniscus, but Peterson is seventh on our list. The New Orleans Saints player is also ranked at 68.1 on ESPN, 79.1 on Yahoo and 85.1 on CBSSports.

  8. Dez Bryant comes in eighth, possibly also because of his injuries and the lack of games he’s played in this year. The Dallas Cowboys wide receiver has finished as a top-seven fantasy receiver during the prior three seasons. Currently he ranks at 20.2 on ESPN, 18.7 on Yahoo and 23.9 on CBSSports.
  9. C.J. Anderson is ninth, also possibly because of a torn meniscus in Week 7 last year. The Denver Broncos running back is ranked 81.1 on ESPN, 75.1 on Yahoo and 60.3 on CBSSports.

  10. LeGarrette Blount is last on the list. Wait it out on him even though the Philadelphia Eagles running back is 82.1 on ESPN, 83.1 on Yahoo and 81.3 on CBSSports.


Be sure to keep us in the loop on what you pick. Use #NIFantasyPicks and let us know how it’s going.

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