Hi-Definition Audiences

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Networked Insights Introduces New Analytics and Data to Help Marketers Understand Their Audience in “Hi-Definition” for the First Time Networked Insights was joined by Twitter during a special webinar event…

Networked Insights Colleagues – Asked and Answered!

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1. What surprised you most about the culture at NI when you first started? “I appreciated the warm welcome I got when I first started. I got so many replies…

Announcing Kairos® Audience Insights Built On Rich New Data from Twitter

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Networked Insights uses new data from Twitter to launch Kairos® Audience Insights to help brands better connect with their opportunity audiences. We have some exciting news announced from today’s Twitter’s…


Brands Find the Perfect Fit

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Marketers are constantly working to line up their product with the right consumer and present a message that’s of value to that individual.  But consumers’ needs are constantly shifting and…


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