Which Brand Will “Win” the Super Bowl?

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Budweiser’s Lost Dog gets America’s Love. The Super Bowl is the most notable marketing event of the year, with brands pouring millions into their one shining moment. With so much…

Prediction: The Patriots will Deflate The Seahawks’ Hopes this Super Bowl

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Is it possible to predict which football team will win the Super Bowl based on social data? Super Bowl fever is catching and the buzz across social media is increasing….

Discomfort, Shame and Horror: Consumers React to GoDaddy Super Bowl Ad

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GoDaddy’s original Super Bowl ad was a take on Budweiser’s “Puppy Love” ad from Super Bowl XLVIII. After being reunited with his family, the retriever puppy in GoDaddy’s ad is…

emotion sentiment

How measuring emotions gives brands more actionable insight than measuring sentiment

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Sentiment analysis has been the go-to social listening metric to determine how consumers feel about a brand (with good reason). It’s an easily-understood number that gives managers a quick snapshot…


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