How Dirty Is Social Data? An Analysis of Social Spam

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Brands know that social media posts are a goldmine of consumer data that they can leverage for insight into the tastes, preferences and purchase intent of their target market. Even though…

Speaker Series – Susan Noble from Mindshare

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We here at NI are junkies for knowledge. We take it any way we can, and when we can’t get it, we go out looking for it. Lucky for us,…

Bottom of the Food Chain – on Top of the World!

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As an intern, I’m aware of where I stand in a company hierarchy. I used to consider it a successful day if I got called some version of Alyssa or…


Movin’ on Up

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In its Chicago location, Networked Insights spent the last few years in two separate offices, with three separate kitchens, and colleague recreation spilling over into the work space. Not only…


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