Apple Watch Validates Wearable Products for Consumers

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Although the Apple Watch hasn’t even gone on sale yet, the company’s Sept. 9 announcement that it will launch the much-hyped product in early 2015 has changed the entire wearables…


Networked Insights’ SocialSense Named a Twitter Certified Product

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Networked Insights’ SocialSense platform has earned a spot in the Twitter Certified Products program, which helps businesses select products that extend the value of Twitter, further validating this relationship in…


Using Long-Range Movie Forecasts: Movie Marketing in the Age Of Social Media

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In the weeks leading up to a movie’s premiere, studios are thrown into a frenzy of activity. Millions are spent on marketing and promotion with little means to measure those…


Networked Insights Cares (NI CARES)

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Written By: Claire Murphy (Director, Customer Insights Group) At Networked Insights, we know that the millions of social conversations taking place every day bring people closer together. We embrace the…


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