Real-Time Marketing: Technology Spotlight

In today’s world, CMOs and senior marketers need to be able to understand what their consumers want. Social analytics platforms are an incredible solution for them to tap into consumer demand, but they need to ensure those platforms are fortified with technology that can provide deeper consumer insights. At the rate that consumer preferences for brands, products, and even day-to-day interests change, being able to tap into consumer insights in real-time is a necessity.

Elasticsearch, a company that provides technology to aid in the real-time data analysis of our marketing decisions platform Kairos®, created a case study about how their platform enables us to provide competitive advantage to our clients. Elasticsearch is the same technology that helps brands like Foursquare, SoundCloud, and StumbleUpon with managing huge datasets.

Their case study calls special attention to the marketing benefits that Kairos delivers to brands that are focused on positioning, competitive intelligence, product launches, and crisis management. Their technology aids Kairos’s ability to collect and index social data in real-time, helps our platform to scale to search bigger volumes of social data, and allows us to create richer datasets.

The case study also speaks to another one of Kairos’s key benefits over other platforms—the ability to access 13 months of historical social data the instant a client requests it.

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