Preparing for the YouTube Newfronts: Audiences to Understand

By April 30, 2015 Analysis No Comments

This week, media buyers, brands and advertisers are gathering for the Newfronts, the series of programming upfronts by digital video content providers. Highlights include YouTube’s presentation which focused​ on demonstrating its value as an ad channel with a highly engaged audience that shares content.

We asked whether YouTube really has a highly engaged fan base and explored how the channel should fit within media plans.

Here’s some of what we found:

  • 55 percent of YouTube users are male, and their online activity accounts for 55 percent of all YouTube video shares
  • While 80 percent of traffic to YouTube comes from outside of the U.S., American viewers are actually 15 percent less likely to share YouTube content on social media compared to other content.
  • Most shares are in the business, technology & computing and art & entertainment categories.

youtube shares

So what brands are getting it right on YouTube? The tech industry as a whole garners 39.5 percent of all YouTube content shares, and the brands in this space dominate shares of branded conversation with Xbox, Nintendo, Apple, Android and Sony as the brands with the most frequently shared YouTube content.

Tech brands also do well with social amplification, meaning that they successfully drives engagement for owned YouTube-linked posts on social networks outside of YouTube. Overall, however, the fashion industry creates the most resonating content.

What is it about the YouTube content that these brands create that is so engaging and why do people share so frequently? In short, the content these brands create is surprising instead of funny, prone to inducing envy and creates a cult of personality within their target audience.

To learn more about how brands find and target opportunity audience® segments that are highly engaged on YouTube, download the full report here.