Networked Insights has undertaken comprehensive empirical work on the relationship of social conversation and movie marketing milestones to opening weekend box office revenue.

We found that social volume around trailer release can predict a movie’s opening weekend revenue with 79% accuracy. In conjunction with other movie-related variables and social KPIs, our ensemble of ten predictive models can predict opening weekend after first trailer release within 15% mean percentage error.

These opening weekend box office forecasts and other Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can be leveraged by studios as initial campaign benchmarks. Networked Insights generates these social KPIs throughout the campaign to allow evaluation of campaign momentum relative to other upcoming releases and historical benchmarks. This benchmarking coupled with an assessment of ongoing audience response to the movie marketplace and to specific movie material provides an actionable perspective allowing response and adjustment throughout studio marketing campaigns.

Download this whitepaper to learn how Networked Insights can help studios evaluate campaign momentum and make adjustments in real time.



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