Post Game Analysis – Top Brands & Celebrities from Super Bowl XLVII

Viewer Conversations Reveal the Most Valuable Moments

Top 5 Most Discussed Football Game Topics

While Super Bowl XLVII played out on the field, viewer reactions battled it out on social media.

More than 24 million conversations took place online, touching on the big game, the extravagant halftime performance, and the most expensive advertisements of the year.

Networked Insights used its marketing decisions platform, Kairos®, to organize viewer conversation from across the entire social web. Here are the top themes from Sunday night’s game.

Due to the increase in the number of active individuals on social year over year, it comes to no surprise that this year’s audience was even more socially engaged than last. Interestingly, conversations during the game about the advertisers represented a smaller share than they did last year. This is partially related to the fact the game this year was a bit more intense than the previous year.

Top 10 Super Bowl XLVII Advertisers

If there is a rule for Super Bowl advertising success it’s to be memorable. Social data provides a real-time window into what viewers are reacting to most.

Using Kairos, Networked Insights analysts were able to understand not only what commercials ranked highest, but why.

The brand ranking is based on post volume and net sentiment, the +/- change in attitude.

Deep Dive Analysis: 3 Most Interesting Ads

Taco Bell – “Viva Young”
In this Taco Bell Super Bowl ad, watch as a group of young-at-heart senior citizens sneak out of their retirement home for a night of reveling. With the band “fun.” singing a comically bad Spanish rendition of their popular hit “We Are Young” in the background, we see the group of mischief-makers partying hard and fast, before ending their night at — where else? — a Taco Bell.

  • 24% – Thought that the ad was hilarious
  • 13% – liked the old people
  • 12% – thought that this ad “won” the Super Bowl
  • 9% – talked about how the ad featured “We Are Young” in Spanish

Ram – “Farmer”
Chrysler also scored with a Ram ad that saluted farmers featuring radio broadcaster Paul Harvey’s 1978 “So God Made a Farmer” address, which talks about the heartiness of farmers. It includes documentary-style still images of farmers past and present.

  • 86% – still refer to Ram as “Dodge Ram”
  • 14% – loved that Paul Harvey did the narration
  • 7% – used the promoted hashtag #GodMadeAFarmer
  • 6% – thought it was really long, almost too long – “Perfect Match”
GoDaddy made quite the impression during the Super Bowl. Whether that impression was good or bad, well, that’s up for debate. The veteran Super Bowl advertiser provoked strong reactions with its extreme close-up of model Bar Refaeli making out with a nerd.

  • 36% – was about Danica Patrick and how she’s ruining her career by endorsing this brand
  • 35% – was about how disgusting this ad was, and how much they hated it (especially the crass sound effects)
  • 7% – was about Bar Refaeli
  • 1% – was about how they thought GoDaddy had gotten Kramer (from Seinfeld) to be in the ad

Top 5 Super Bowl XLVII Celebrities

Which celebrities struck a chord with viewers this year? Social data revealed the most discussed celebrity advertisement appearances during the Super Bowl.

PSY, the South Korean Gangnam Style singer, was the most talked about celebrity of the night, due to his appearance in a spot for Wonderful Pistachios.

Coming off a popular co-hosting gig for the Golden Globes however, Amy Poehler’s appearance in a Best Buy ad had the most positive viewer reaction. This is in contrast to the rather low engagement with the ad’s hashtag #InfiniteAnswers.

Deep Dive Analysis: Beyoncé’s Halftime Show

Beyoncé brought the house down at Super Bowl XLVII, but what really got viewers talking on social media?

Networked Insights analyzed more than 6 million conversations on Twitter about the diva’s performance, focusing on the top conversation themes that inspired viewers to react.

Using this data, marketing professionals and event organizers can ascertain which guest appearances surprised viewers, and which spectacular arrangements failed to impress.

  • 30% – Thought “OMG”, Beyoncé was amazing
  • 23% – was about Destiny’s Child’s cameo
  • 11% – thought that Beyoncé should be named the game’s MVP
  • 10% – was about how people thing that Beyonce made some Illuminati hand signs
  • 7% – was about how elaborate her stage was, and how much fire there was on stage

Top 10 Most Tweeted Hashtags

Twitter hashtags were mentioned in 26 of the 52 national commercials CBS broadcasted in this year’s Super Bowl. That’s a 300% increase from 2012. Facebook (not measured here) saw a drop of 50%, only being mentioned in 4 commercials.

Takeaway: When it comes to real-time marketing, and second screen advertising, it’s really Twitter’s world. OREO’s use of the SuperDome’s unexpected blackout with it’s on-the-fly update is a perfect example – that ad was retweeted over 12,000 times.

Embedding social call-to-actions (CTA) into traditional ads has become a popular strategy for brands during the last year. What better way to test that theory than at the Super Bowl?

As a follow-up to Networked Insights’ Super Bowl analysis of Facebook activity last year, we’ve once again determined the brands that have best leveraged Facebook fans either through a social call-to-action or smart content.

Key Terms

Share of voice – the percentage of the conversation across social media focused on a particular Super Bowl advertisement and its contributing attributes (celebrities, featured products, etc.).
Net sentiment – the positive or negative swing in social sentiment across social media.

Social Index – a composite score of post volume, conversation sentiment, and the acceleration of the conversation.

View the full report below:


Networked Insights analyzed more than 24 million real-time social media conversations across Twitter, Facebook, blogs and forums for the duration of Super Bowl XLVII.

Analysis was performed using Kairos, the first marketing decisions platform used by brand advertisers, innovative marketers, and entertainment companies to extract consumer insights and real-time trends from social data.

Want to learn more about how real-time insights can improve your marketing decisions? Read about our CMO Guide to Super Bowl Marketing and download a copy for yourself.
Analyzing the Beyoncé Hype Before the Bowl

Prior to the Super Bowl, Networked Insights also performed a detailed analysis of the conversations behind Beyoncé’s highly anticipated appearance. Our analysis revealed the top conversations themes related to the singer, including the music and brands associated with her.


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