Pinterest for Marketers: Driving Meaningful Engagement

Pinterest is a consumer data goldmine if marketers know how to use it. With over 70 million active users pinning dreams, goals and projects every month, Pinterest marketers can harness very personal insight into what shoppers view as important and interesting enough to save for the future and share with their friends and followers.

Forrester has written that Pinterest has not yet proven effective for brands, but we decided to take a closer look to establish how the platform can work for marketers today.  We analyzed about 10 million social shares across the social web to determine how valuable Pinterest really is and how to use it strategically.

What we found shows the level at which Pinterest users are engaged with content and willing to share branded pins on other social platforms. Overall, consumers share branded links to Pinterest content 1.5x more frequently than general branded content on the social web.

Pins in the Home & Garden, Style & Fashion, Real Estate and Food & Drink categories particularly, are shared more than average compared to categories in general conversation.

The data tells us that Pinterest is valuable to marketers, especially considering that Pinterest’s largest demographic (women) is also responsible for 85 percent of all consumer purchases. How marketers can use Pinterest to its full potential is still evolving, but there are brands that get it right. We examined Verizon’s Pinterest presence as a clear example of how brands can use data to inform their content marketing strategy on the idea-sharing social platform.

To get there, we looked at how Verizon engages moms on Pinterest by understanding the specific topics of pins that moms share most frequently.

categories 1

Looking at a breakdown of Verizon’s posts on Pinterest, it’s clear that they reflect some moms’ most-shared Pinterest content topics, including cooking and accessories.

pinterest verizon 2

As a result, Verizon earned 82 percent of moms’ technology brand conversation on the platform as well as 19 percent of all moms’ brand conversation. By tailoring their branded Pinterest posts to topics that engage moms, Verizon created valuable content opportunities that proved highly shareable among a targeted demographic.

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