Pinpoint: Making Big Data Actionable for Brands

With vast amounts of data on hand, it’s getting easier to identify trending topics. But it’s harder to be in front of upcoming trends and even more difficult to determine why a certain topic begins to trend. With massive amounts of social data available and changing second to second, it’s essential that brands find a way to understand why, but it’s time consuming and often impossible to understand.  Our new Pinpoint capability makes understanding social data easy so marketers no longer have to read through hundreds of posts to understand their target audience. Now they can analyze conversations in an instant to understand budding trends.

Pinpoint is integrated throughout our Kairos® platform, which is built upon a semantic language network that is constantly analyzing billions of data points from across the social web. When there’s an increase in posts on a given topic, Pinpoint analytics break apart the themes, people and topics of conversation thousands of ways and compares the spike to what is typical for that topic in the prior weeks. Pinpoint identifies themes that explain the trend and uses them to find the social posts most indicative of the trend, often highlighting exactly what is happening in just a post or two.

This is a huge advancement in brands’ ability to understand why social trends and spikes are happening so they can act on it to create better content and stronger connections with their customers.

If you’d like to see the technology in action, watch this quick video snippet of the technology at work and see how brands are going from investing hours poring over posts and word clouds, to investing seconds to pinpoint trends that are taking off among their opportunity audiences®.

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