Outsmarting The Upfronts

Last week, Networked Insights took a stand for brands and marketers at the 2013 Upfront presentations.

We wanted to make a strong statement about how counterproductive the Upfronts are for brands and marketers. In a few words, making gut decisions months in advance in a data-rich, real-time world is an unnecessary advertising gamble, not to mention that 65% of the pilots shown at the Upfronts will be cancelled by Christmas.

That’s why we introduced Operation: Outsmart The Upfronts to fight back against the status quo.

Networked Insights parked a mobile data center outside each network’s Upfront venue, broadcasting “Buy” and “Don’t Buy” decisions for the schedules the networks had just shared with their audiences. These recommendations were placed on three large, twelve-foot electronic billboard attached to our data center.


Networked Insights CEO Dan Neely along with our mobile data center.


Our buying recommendations were possible because we had gathered real-time consumer data across the social web, using Kairos®, our marketing decisions platform.


Networked Insights’ mobile data center outside FOX’s upfront presentation – Beacon Theater.


To symbolize this gamble with ad dollars, we also had street teams distributing lottery tickets that illustrate the risk for marketers.

Operation: Outsmart the Upfronts  had agencies, brands, marketers, and even celebrities taking notice during Upfronts week. It was a great display of the power of data-driven analysis. You can see all the action by watching the video or reading our eBook.

To date, leading publications including Fast Company, The Hollywood Reporter, and many more have reported on our campaign and our Buy and Don’t Buy recommendations:


Fast Company

The Hollywood Reporter

L.A. Business Journal

Broadcasting and Cable



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