Optimizing Your Digital Targeting

Digital targeting improves your brand’s ability to connect with the right audiences. A more targeted marketing strategy can significantly increase the impact of all your brand’s online marketing initiatives—multiplying the return on your digital investments.

Building the Right Audience Through Digital Targeting

Messages aren’t enough. You also need to identify the right audiences. Digital targeting aligns display ads, paid search and other digital marketing initiatives with the audiences who are most likely to take the next step in the purchase journey.

  • Strong Search Profiling – Understand top themes and search terms to better connect with your audience. Powerful search profiling should identify conversations on the topic of your choice and summarize consumer conversations based on audience interests, demographics, emotions and other variables.
  • Display Advertising – Targeting options like demographics, age, location behavior and more make it easier to zero in on the right audience.
  • Gather Audience Insights – Audience insights help you stay informed about what truly matters to your target audience as it relates to your brand.
  • Real-Time Campaign Response – The effectiveness of display advertising and paid search is a good indicator of how your company’s digital assets are performing.

Benefits of Strategic Digital Targeting

In today’s crowded marketplace, continuous marketing improvement helps brands succeed—and digital targeting delivers several important benefits to your brand:

  • Streamlined digital strategies, a result of in-depth research into upcoming trends and themes.
  • Improved visibility into specific campaign elements.
  • Performance tracking of your campaign to measure data including impressions, clicks and conversions, allowing you to calculate Return on Investment (ROI).
  • The ability to uncover new opportunities as they relate to your audience, and use them to your advantage.
  • Real-time data that can provide you company with insights on how your digital targeting and marketing strategies are influencing customer behaviors.

Advanced Digital Targeting with Networked Insights

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