Introducing Kairos®-MovieSense

Analytics platform, designed in collaboration with major movie studios, to predict performance, identify “gettable” audiences and improve media efficiency.

Kairos®-MovieSense can understand, in near real-time, awareness about a movie and consumers’ intent to see that movie up to 29 weeks in advance of opening weekend. That totally changes studios’ ability to find actionable insights and see opportunities to adjust their marketing to gain more efficiencies and, in the end, see greater returns opening weekend.

These insights enable studios to have an earlier understanding of their audiences while
there is still time to make changes to their content, media and publicity investments to impact how the movie performs. Key to this, studios will be able to identify incredibly fine data breakouts of their audiences, including “gettables” – consumers who are more likely to see a movie on any given weekend than the general public.

The benefits to studios:

  • Identify Gettable Audiences – Studios can access incredibly fine data breakouts by genre, interests, gender, and many more facets, including “Gettables.”
  • Track and Predict Performance – The platform identifies “gettables,” tracks their intent toward a movie and the impact marketing materials have on improving the intent to see a movie. This data is used to understand the impact on box office up to 29 weeks in advance. MovieSense tracks a movie’s cumulative awareness up to the most recent week and benchmarks it against all movies since 2012 within its genre. Studios can understand, in near real time, the intent to see the movie, specifically tracked to show the appeal of ad material. For example, when the trailer first hits – how well do people like it and how strong is intent to go see it at the theater?
  • Gain Media Efficiency – Networked Insights has focused much of its attention on providing actionable insights that impact higher box office at the most efficient levels of investment. There are two ways to do this:
    • Understanding awareness and intent lift after big marketing
      pushes and how they compare to other comparable movies.
    • Identifying and targeting ‘gettables’ audiences across digital
      platforms and devices

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Our customers have great things to say, too:

“In the business today, we have to achieve a box office result with more efficiency. Karios®-MovieSense, is an industry first. With it, our marketing investments are more informed and we are gaining early insights into their performance. It also helps us prioritize our marketing efforts and target “Gettables” efficiently, tracking the awareness and intent we have built with “Gettables” from 29 weeks out to opening weekend.”

Seth Byers | VP of Creative Strategy and Research
Universal Studios

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