Networked Insights Releases Kairos®-MovieSense to Entertainment Industry

Networked Insights made Kairos®-MovieSense, a proprietary analytics platform developed in collaboration with the movie industry, available for wide release last week. The platform helps studios better understand their audiences and improve the efficiency of their marketing investments by using advanced analytics to impact movies’ overall performance at the box office.

Kairos-MovieSense enables studios to have an earlier understanding of their audiences while there is still time to make changes to their content, media and publicity investments to impact how the movie performs. Key to this, studios will be able to identify incredibly fine data breakouts of their audiences, including “Gettables” – consumers who are more likely to see a movie on any given weekend than the general public.

Today’s announcement follows years of development in collaboration between Networked Insights and virtually every major studio.

“More than three years ago, we met with execs from all the studios to understand their challenges and determine how data and analytics could impact their business by improving the efficiency of marketing investments,” commented Dan Neely, Networked Insights’ CEO. “Over the last three years we have been working with them to get to today. Kairos-MovieSense can understand, in near real-time, awareness about a movie and consumers’ intent to see that movie up to 29 weeks in advance of opening weekend. That totally changes studios’ ability to find actionable insights and see opportunities to adjust their marketing to gain more efficiencies and, in the end, see greater returns opening weekend.”

As of this announcement, three studios are already using Kairos-MovieSense, including Universal Studios.

Seth Byers, EVP Creative Strategy and Research at Universal Studios commented, “In the business today, we have to achieve a box office result with more efficiency. Karios-MovieSense, is an industry first. With it, our marketing investments are more informed and we are gaining early insights into their performance. It also helps us prioritize our marketing efforts and target “Gettables” efficiently, tracking the awareness and intent we have built with “Gettables” from 29 weeks out to opening weekend.”

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