Networked Insights Organizes the Social Web


With the launch of Kairos® 2.0, Networked Insights offers brands a configurable enterprise marketing platform that brings real-time brand health and audience intelligence to all critical marketing decisions. Suddenly, the same advanced marketing analytics and innovation that helped take leading brands like General Electric, Taco Bell and P&G to new heights is now available to all.

The foundation of Kairos 2.0 is our ultra-high scale classification platform that organizes the social web in real-time, leveraging our robust consumer and customizable brand taxonomy. Now, brand performance and audience insights are instantly accessible and confidently actionable at a depth never before available. Google organized the web for consumers. Networked Insights organized the social web for marketers.

Accompanying today’s launch are our first Kairos modules that take full advantage our new classification and analytics platform. They include:

• Brand Health and Purchase Funnel modules that provide marketing-centric key performance indicators daily rather than annually.

• Doppler thematic discovery tool that uncovers hidden risks and opportunities with brands and audiences.

• SmartSearch that helps find more of what you want, less of what you do not want, and does not require a degree in Boolean search writing.

With our platform firmly established, our clients can expect many more revolutionary capabilities in the coming months. In July, look for more industry firsts like Audience Affinities, Campaign Performance and even smarter SmartSearch modules!