Networked Insights’ Linguist to Present at Nationally Renowned Symposium

Networked Insights is proud to watch as Ali Farghaly, one of its talented linguistic taxonomists, presents at the 29th Annual Symposium on Arabic Linguistics.

As a highly respected expert on Arabic Computational Linguistics, Ali’s contributions to his field are numerous. Although Ali’s academic research stretches outside of Networked Insights’ own endeavors, as the company’s Lead Linguist, Ali and his colleagues have redefined how marketers use language to classify digital information.

Unlike popular and more traditional keyword search methods, the introduction of linguistic methods has helped Networked Insights overcome the most basic limitations of language ambiguity. While keyword searches are certainly applicable for clearly defined terms (Brad Pitt, Barack Obama),  they lack the sophistication to properly identify ambiguous or complex concepts, avoid skewed outputs and efficiently navigate the massive influx of modern social data.

That’s where linguistics thrives. Take the word Jaguar. When run as a keyword search, ambiguity quickly surrounds whether intention centers on the car, the animal or the sports teams. Using linguistic features, such as semantics and syntax, Networked Insights negates confusion in exchange for a more perfectly tailored classification. The techniques have proven to greatly increase the volume of valuable content identified by the company’s pre-built classifiers. And, by isolating signals and getting rid of extraneous results, Networked Insight’s Kairos® platform produces better results in less time, and with less effort for brand marketers trying to understand their customers.

When they’re not presenting at some of the most prestigious conferences around, Networked Insights’ linguists are continuously improving and expanding their taxonomy to more easily help Kairos users find what they are looking for and learn more about their target audiences. Networked Insights could not be more proud of the team it has assembled, and wishes Ali the best of luck during his presentation!