Networked Insights Among First to Join Automattic Certified Products Program

Data that can help marketers inform more effective marketing strategies and decisions comes in all shapes and sizes. Whether its 140 character microblogs, videos, or forum conversations, each helps paint a distinct picture of consumers that brands can use to align to marketing campaigns.

Networked Insights is one of the first companies to join the Certified Products Program for Automattic, the company behind WordPress.This means we have complete access to their immense wealth of data related to consumer conversations. Access to their complete firehose of data enables us to help brand marketers and CMOs better understand their consumers, using our marketing decisions platform, Kairos®.

While short-form content is helpful for predicting trends, long-form content, such as that from WordPress, carries distinctive elements that enable deeper, threaded analysis of ongoing conversations and commentary. This analysis can help marketers better understand pre- and post-sale behavior, identifying what moves consumers through the purchase funnel. These long-form sources of content are an essential to complement short-form content sources, such as Twitter.

Access to WordPress via the firehose allows us to provide three core benefits for the brands we work with—data speed, data volume, and data value.

Analyzing WordPress is a powerful resource for discovering trends earlier, before they become obvious by looking at other data sets. The data allows brands to instantly see how conversations emerge and evolve over time or gauge the reaction to a singular event. Quick access to such a rich data source allows for rapid delivery of insights to our customers, which allows them to activate quicker.

The sheer volume of WordPress data created by consumers is immense. Having unfiltered access to it allows us to give brands a complete view into all of the consumer conversations that are shared on the platform. With 100 percent of the data available, our customers never miss an opportunity, and feel fully confident in the decisions they make based upon insights from WordPress data.

When it comes to thematic analysis of consumer data, long form content has a distinct advantage. The ability to understand why trends occur and why people behave the way they do makes long form content a necessity because it allows for richer conversation. Complete access to WordPress enables discovery of content that brands would not have known about otherwise.

WordPress data allows us to more extensively explore the consumer motivations and translate them into insights about how consumers move through the purchase funnel. Better yet, brands can use this data to see how marketing influences conversation themes throughout the purchase funnel.

The below examples illustrate how access to the complete WordPress firehose of data has allowed Networked Insights to provide actionable insights that brands have used to market more effectively.

Audience Insight
In this example, we see how WordPress data can provide sophisticated audience insights that play into marketing decisions. WordPress allows us to deeply explore the relationship between Dads shopping for beer and diapers, during a nine-month period.

In this situation, we can easily see the opportunity for diaper consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands to access the typically expensive to reach sports fan audience.



Content Insight
Wordpress data has a unique advantage for brands because of the sustained engagement from consumers on the platform. The below example illustrates how conversations related to a TV show maintain consistent engagement on WordPress, despite a dropoff in short form data. Since conversations are shared on WordPress longer, this results in an increased capacity for marketers to get deep, actionable insights.



Media Insight
By leveraging audience insights with content that target consumers value, marketers can now more effectively buy media and organically reach new consumers.

We recently worked with a consumer technology company to do just that and amplify the reach of their digital ads in the process. Through access to real-time blog data from WordPress, we distinguished early tech trends and themes that would ultimately trickle down to the general consumer conversation. We did this by identifying a group of tech influencers—a specific blogging community that relies upon platforms including WordPress—and analyzed how these influencers engaged with tech-related products.

Leveraging what they knew about the audience and their consumer behaviors and interests, Networked Insights was able to provide new insights into what content to promote and whom to target on digital, and as a result increased the effectiveness of the company’s cost per impression by over 30%.