Networked Insights Hits the Headlines


As TV’s biggest events are being broadcast, viewers aren’t just tuning in to watch–they’re playing an active role in the TV broadcast “story.” Their interactions all across the social web are shaping how press outlets cover these big TV events.

More press outlets are looking to get the full story about how online social conversations are playing out, both before and after big TV moments. Fortunately, Networked Insights can provide just the type of insights they need.

In the first two months of 2013, press coverage of Networked Insights has skyrocketed. Numerous national news organizations have relied on Networked Insights and Kairos® for a deeper understanding of the biggest TV events of the year so far—Super Bowl XLVII, The Academy Awards, and The Grammy Awards.

Leading media outlets focused on entertainment, technology, business, and sports have used our analysis to provide their audience:

  • Insights about the content that resonated most with viewers
  • Brands that made the biggest impact and;
  • Themes driving conversations online.

To view highlights from 2013’s biggest media wins so far, check out the following presentation: