Networked Insights Confronts the Upfronts

This week is an exciting one to be a TV fan.

It’s Upfronts week for the major broadcast networks, which means finding out which shows have been renewed and which new pilots will be added to the fall schedules.

While the excitement for TV fans is reaching a fever pitch this week, brand marketers should be feeling another emotion—resentment.

The Upfronts are an institution deeply embedded in the TV industry. Each year, networks offer a discount to marketers that commit to buy advertising in their fall season months before the programs premier. Despite the glitz of each Upfront presentation, it all boils down to the same message from the networks: “Buy now and we’ll deliver an audience later.”

The premise is that buying at the Upfront provides marketers with better rates and access to premium inventory.

In reality, it’s a tremendous gamble for marketers. There has to be a way to change this. Thanks to advances in technology and the advent of the social web, marketers can both save money and execute more effective marketing by making real-time, data-driven decisions closer to when their advertising will appear.

To prove that point, Networked Insights has decided to make a stand for brand marketers forced to participate in the yearly Upfront trap.

Using Kairos®, our marketing decisions platform, Networked Insights will be demonstrating how real-time data can help brands and marketers cut through the network hype and understand which shows will be winners.

At the Upfront presentations, Networked Insights will be displaying “Buys” and “Don’t Buys” determined by Kairos on a mobile video billboard. Since the upfronts are such a gamble we thought we would provide attendees a gameble with better odds, the lottery. Street teams will distribute lotto tickets that proclaim our position on the Upfronts. While there is some risk to every decision, Networked Insights can dramatically improve a marketer’s odds of making smart ones.

Networked Insights will be live tweeting our analysis of the fall show “Buys” and “Don’t Buys” throughout Upfronts week. Please follow us at @netinsights. For more information about our analysis, please contact