Networked Insights Colleagues – Asked and Answered!

By November 18, 2015 People No Comments

1. What surprised you most about the culture at NI when you first started?

“I appreciated the warm welcome I got when I first started. I got so many replies when I sent out my introduction email, and people were so friendly and introduced themselves to me right off the bat.” – Christina Dorn, Customer Success


2. What is the best part about working in this environment that goes beyond what anyone can see from just walking around the office?

“Definitely the unconditional support for one another. We are a tight-knit group so if anyone is having a bad day or needs help with something, we have each other’s backs.” – Kristin McCormick, People & Admin

“There’s an apparent sense of autonomy within the work we perform. I love that I can come and go as I please without being constrained to a certain amount of  hours, as long as the work gets done.” – Chris Riley, Customer Success

“I like the willingness to recognize success from everyone. We always share shout outs and accomplishments and that goes a long way when it’s heard from both colleagues and management.” – Christina Dorn, Customer Success


3. When you’re bragging to your friends about your job, what do you say?

“I love how laid back the office is and how every day is completely different. One day I will be coordinating fun events for my colleagues, and the next I could be helping the sales team with call sheets for top clients.” – Kristin McCormick, People & Admin

“I enjoy the flexibility to move around departmentally and advance my career. I’ve been given the responsibility to work on a lot of really cool projects that I might not have had the opportunity to do at a bigger company.” – Christina Dorn, Customer Success


4. How is our culture different from other places you’ve worked?

“I’ve learned more at NI than I have at any other job combined, and no other company comes close to the work/life balance here; they definitely walk the talk.” – Kristin McCormick, People & Admin

“Here I get to pick my own projects. I feel that I have influence over what happens within my department and the company, and that’s pretty cool.” – Chris Riley, Customer Success

“The people I work with are incredibly smart. You almost forget that after working here for a while because it becomes the norm, but it’s really the people here that are driving our success.” – Johnny Carpenter, Customer Success


5. What is the one thing about NI that you can’t live without? 

“The culture! The company morale that comes from the great perks we have are what sets us apart from other companies. Our company outings, parties, beer, and food are moments we live for.” – Kristin McCormick, People & Admin

“Friday Breakfasts! I like that NI treats us with food at the end of the week, it’s a great perk.” – Christina Dorn, Customer Success


6. What does workplace culture mean to you?

“I think it’s important for colleagues to be heard and valued without the pressure to speak. And that’s something NI does well.” – Chris Riley, Customer Success

“To me, it means opportunity for good work/life balance. I want to be able to go home, unplug, separate myself from the office, and be supported by management in doing so- which I definitely feel.” – Kristin McCormick, People & Admin

“The fact that there is a focus on workplace culture is important. I love that there is a proactive effort to engage our colleagues personally and professionally and further their development.” – Christina Dorn, Customer Success