Movin’ on Up

By March 19, 2015 Events, People No Comments

In its Chicago location, Networked Insights spent the last few years in two separate offices, with three separate kitchens, and colleague recreation spilling over into the work space. Not only did we need more space for our current colleagues (I should not be able to smell what kind of shampoo my coworkers use), but we needed to accommodate our growth potential! Operation “Find A New Office ASAP” was quickly underway, and after a year of searching and months of building, we are happy to call River North Point our brand new home.

Located just north of Wacker Drive and providing beautiful panoramic views of the city and the river, the popular Jefferson’s theme song subconsciously (and often vocally) played in the heads of all at NI. This is where Josh Damon, our CFO and undercover interior visionary, took those years of Sunday mornings watching HGTV and worked with a decorator to transform our new space into a cool, comfy, and functional environment. After all the collaborative work it took to design and move in, Networked Insights is now home to a modern open floor plan, cool light fixtures, 15 new conference rooms (named after tropical locations), floor to ceiling windows, ONE huge kitchen, and a SEPARATE recreation room! The open floor plan allows for every colleague to work in one great space and easily communicate with one another (communicate, throw nerf balls, same thing).

movin-on-up-2Most importantly, there is plenty of space to continue growing and its unique and fresh look resulted in increased morale and improved culture throughout the entire company. Just take a look at what my fellow NI-ers have to say about the new space!

“I love the openness of the office, and the abundance of comfortable meeting spaces. And the view of the river is hard to beat!”  – Nate Granatir

“Some of the things I like best about the next office include the view of the river, the new up-to-date modern conference rooms, and also the chocolate smell on my commute from the train to the office from the local chocolate factory.”            – Jennifer Luebbe

Although we are still settling in and personalizing the space, we have certainly upgraded our work environment and moved on up in every way possible!