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Go Beyond Exit Surveys
to Understand Movie Audiences

Built using our Kairos audience intelligence engine, MovieSense is the media industry’s most powerful and exacting solution for understanding movie campaign and media performance.  

Harnessing data from billions of intelligently classified social conversations about major releases merged with industry benchmarks around typical release performance, MovieSense helps the world’s biggest studios understand in real time how audiences are responding to their biggest releases and promotional media.

MovieSense helps studios

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Predict anticipated box office performance based on the use of intent-based language in social conversation.

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Understand the lift given to volume based on media campaigns

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Dig in to share of voice by tailored audience segment

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Track performance based on conversational volume and movie-going intent

MovieSense provides crucial benchmark data compared to all major wide releases, including:

  • Volume

  • Awareness

  • Awareness Lift

  • Intent Metrics

This empowers smarter media spend, agile campaign development and the ability to optimize on the fly so that they can maximize the return on their campaign marketing spend.

Read about how MovieSense is transforming the film industry in Variety Magazine.

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  • ”MovieSense brings to the table new signals based on real-time data gathering that reflect what people are saying and doing online right now. Right after our first trailer drops, we can see how our ad materials and media buys are resonating, with whom, why and how it impacts movie-going interest.”
    Seth Byers, executive VP of creative strategy and research at Universal Studios

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