The Modern Marketer’s Guide to Social Data Analytics

All marketing professionals are focused on two things: helping brands connect with consumers and selling more.

To accomplish either of these goals, marketers need a deep understanding of consumers—who they are, what they like, and the best places to reach them. Analyzing consumer conversations across the social web provides a unique advantage in this regard.

Gleanster’s new report, Using Social Data to Make Smarter Marketing Decisions, explores this concept in great detail. It’s a must-read for executives who want to develop customer-centric marketing strategies in the era of the always-on consumer.

One of the stand out conclusions of the report is the ability of social data to provide valuable insights into consumers in real-time. Millions of unbiased consumer conversations are happening across the social web everyday. Developing insights around these conversations helps brands stay agile, which is a must in the rapidly changing perspective of the consumer. Brands that can keep pace with rapidly evolving consumer trends will win the race for loyalty.

Gleanster’s report also does a great job in distinguishing between traditional “social listening” technologies (which provide a narrow view into consumers) and true social analytics, which provide a multi-dimensional view that marketing professionals can use to create more effective and efficient marketing strategy.