Media Targeting and Optimization

Media targeting and optimization isn’t easy. But you can effectively transform your analysis into activation that continually improves and increases ROI using data insights to improve your strategy.

Media Targeting and Optimization: Knowing Your Audience

Media strategy professionals at the world’s largest brands and agencies rely on Networked Insights’ holistic approach to audience insights to understand how they can best connect with their best audience for more effective media investments, media targeting and optimization.

Kairos helps media planners and buyers:

  • Identify affinities for TV, movies, music, video games, events, etc. to determine how to best reach target audiences.
  • Find audiences’ preferred media channels.
  • Track campaign performance across all media channels to determine the channel(s) with the best ROI

Networked Insights helps brands make media targeting and optimization decisions that can be quickly increase return on media investments.

  • Intelligent Audience Analysis – Advanced text and predictive analytics improve your media planning and decision-making, allowing you to quickly identify trends, affinities and media preferences.
  • Informed Activation – We deliver a holistic view of your brand, consumers and competition. Backed by analytics that accurately forecast outcomes, you have everything you need to quickly adjust media buys across TV, display, search, social and other channels.

The Evolution of Media Targeting and Optimization

Networked Insights can help you take a big step forward in media planning and strategy. Schedule a risk-free demo to learn more about Media Targeting and Optimization with Networked Insights.

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